Business Strategy and Business Management consulting Frequently asked questions


Everyone has questions about business management and strategy consulting. Heck, we were business consulting customers long before we decided to become consultants ourselves. We understand the need for information. Upfront research ensures your consulting investment will deliver the desired outcomes.

Q: Isn’t business management consulting expensive?

A: No. Hiring a business consultant to solve a problem or complete an internal project is less expensive than hiring a new employee to do the same. The business consultant will have the expertise and specialized know-how to complete your project more efficiently and effectively. It’s often more expensive to not address the business issue as the problem is probably eating revenue or profits already.

The related investment shouldn’t be a surprise either. An initial discovery call should allow the business consultant to scope the project for your budgeting and tracking needs. OnTarget Strategy always provides an initial, no obligation discovery session to understand your needs. We’ll always provide you with a project budget estimate before any work begins.

Q: Don’t business management consulting engagements take a long time?

A: Not really. Some engagements take longer than others depending on scope and complexity, but a consultant strives to get the client functioning more efficiently and effectively as soon as possible. Consulting projects can take anywhere from 4-hours to 2-years. Projects have a broad range of timing depending on the involved work. Generally, a business consulting engagement will involve concentrated upfront work followed by status and management checks. OnTarget Strategy’s goal is to create long-term partnerships with our clients. This is only done by providing value-focused consultations that will demonstrate an ROI.

Q: Don’t only Fortune 500 companies hire business strategy consultants?

A: Businesses of all types and sizes hire consultants. Business strategy and operation needs are present in all kinds of companies. Strategy and continuous improvement needs don’t discriminate. Businesses hire consultants to leverage specific knowledge and capabilities in a facilitated manner. OnTarget Strategy focuses on small and medium sized businesses with $1M - $250M in annual revenues.

Q: How many jellybeans are in the jar on your desk?

A: 22,349 <subjected to change due to consumption>

Q: Should I hire a local business management consultant?

A: This is a personal decision. Face-to-face interaction is definitely valuable. But today’s technology allows for very interactive virtual meetings and real-time dialogues. Also, many companies have geographically separated business units that have become proficient at working with other groups in distant locations. Think of the business consultant as your strategy and continuous improvement group at a different office. In the end, the decision should be based on the BEST consultant for the job, not the nearest consultant. OnTarget Strategy has both a local and global customer base.

Q: I know my business best, why should I hire a business management consultant?

A: Totally agree. A business consultant will never understand your business as well as you. But, a business consultant can help with strategy and management issues that you don’t have the time or capacity to address. Business consultants work with a variety of clients across many industries and markets. They often bring best practice ideas from other industries for your benefit. Also, even the best performers leverage outside advice to continually improve. Tom Brady (New England Patriots Quarterback) has Josh McDaniel as a quarterback coach. Tiger Woods (Professional Golfer) has Chris Cuomo as a swing coach. Leveraging expertise and specialty consulting isn’t a weakness, it a competitive differentiator.